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Youth in Action for Development
Multipurpose Youth Resource Centre
55a Maxwell Khobe Street, Kenema City, Kenema District, Eastern Province,
Republic of Sierra Leone W/Africa
Tel: +232-22340046/79060045/ 79060044 /,

Registration of the Government of Sierra Leone
Government of Sierra Leone
Ministry of Finance & Economic Development
Reg. No.: NNGO/340/2022-2023

Government of Sierra Leone
Ministry of Social Welfare, Gender and Children Affairs
Reg. No.: MSWGCA/VOL 01272

Banking Institutions

Current account: 2063600936110, SWIFT: GTBISLFRXXX
Guarantee Trust Bank SL Ltd
Hangha Road, Kenema City, Eastern Region

Current Account : 005-512937-09-00-01 or 003005512937090136
Sierra Leone Commercial Bank, Hangha Road, Kenema, Eastern
Sierra Leone, West Africa